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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bush: 'Hurricanes Hate Freedom'

President calls for a moratorium on
Weather of Mass Destruction

Alain Terrieur
La Lune de la presse internationale


In a speech described by experts as "historic" and "legendary," President Bush called on all nations Sunday to condemn Weather of Mass Destruction and renounce global warming.

"The hurricanes hate us for our freedoms," the President said. "We will attack these hurricanes where they strike, making no distinction between the hurricanes, and those who are struck by them." His speech was part of a broader agenda, underlining American resolve in winning the war against states with WMD.

The President went on to say that the government will find the hurricane victims where they hide and "starve 'em out," possibly by refusing aide and food supplies for days after the initial event. "Make no mistake," Bush said, "we will find those who help and protect victims of hurricanes and the hurricanes themselves." The statement was intended to justify the slow federal response to Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, as well as to warn states like Cuba, suspected of using WMD technology against the United States.

The speech came as tensions mounted between the United States and Cuba. Ambassador John Bolton accused Havana last week of harboring Weather of Mass Destruction. The CIA has also recently learned that Cuba was seeking to buy large quantities of salt from Venezuela. Salt has been known to cause storms to grow more intense when dropped into clouds by aircraft. Cuba has also been known to have as many as three aircraft.


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