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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Eurasia declares Bush 'doubleplusungood'

Eurasia, Eastasia opposed to Leader of the Party

Alex Terrieur
La Lune de la presse internationale


In a persistent attack against the Leader of coalition forces, Eurasia and Eastasia declared our Leader today to be "doubleplusungood." The forthcoming revelation underscores the enemy's hatred of our Way of Life and Freedoms.

Never before has our nation been the target of such putrid and disgusting filth disguised as propagandistic political hate speech. The Party feels denigrated for simply having to be an auditor of such blasphemous putrescence.

The illegitimate fascist state of Eurasia claims the Leader to be incapable of promoting Freedom and Liberty in accordance with the doctrines of Oceania. Their declaratory judgement of the Leader is of course nothing but a revelation of their own weakness.

"I think that, like, our Leader is great and I just trust him to make the right decisions. I don't think we should ever question that," said Julia Smith, member of the Junior Anti-Sex League.

Other Party representatives have affirmed their support of the Leader's policies despite recent military setbacks on the two fronts in Eurasia. Military commanders have said that they expect to recover losses after the Leader confirms the next Three Year Plan in several weeks.

The Leader has stated, and his bellythink confirms, that the Eurasian fronts should start to become stabilized and under coalition control with a redoubled effort for his new Three Year Plan initiatives. He also stated his support for upcoming joycamp and sexcrime initiatives as part of the same Three Year Plan. He has the full support of Congress as well as the Ministries of Peace, Truth and Justice, and the Junior Anti-Sex League.

Citizens are urged to retain confidence in their Leader by buying more Victory Coffee and remaining dedicated to the current Three Year Plan.

NOTE: Oldthinkers are reminded that any form of ungoodthink about the Party or the Leader has been criminalized as Thought Crime under the recent Military Commissions Act of 2006. Non-conformity may result in relocation to a joycamp.


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