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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

La Rochelle Times bows to pressure from the Académie française

New French edition to open up dialogue with francophone militant extremists

Luc Attmi
La Lune de la presse internationale


The highly reputed La Rochelle Times has succumbed to pressure from the conservative French establishment by announcing the debut of a new French language version of this journal. For more than a year, the brave journalists at this organisation have had to face intense pressure from deputies of the Académie française, a government backed group that fights against the imposition of foreign languages in France, with some Académie members going so far as to declare a "disparity in the valorization and causality of journalistic integrity."

The Académie's statements brought about action from internal labor factions here at journal headquarters in La Rochelle, which caused us to re-examine the issue closely. After long negotiations with union and government representatives, it was decided that the paper would be made accessible on an equal basis to a French-speaking audience.

As of today, the French site will be concurrent to the former English-only news site, which mainly tackles international news, with a special inclination towards the utopian American superpower. French readers, as well as English ones, are asked to pay particular attention to "super-security" topics, requiring a prolonged fight against nebulous networks, and the imposition of a strong police state to protect them during this difficult period. Please refrain from all critical comments or detracting arguments until such time as the armed conflict has ended, while also limiting harsh statements towards political personalities.

For those interested in the French version, we hope that you have a pleasant experience in reading the academically-correct French version of the La Rochelle Times.


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