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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Republicans: Budget for next invasion must be 'on the house'

GOP unveils the 'Start Two Wars Get One Free Act'

Alex Terrieur
La Lune de la presse internationale


Republican and Democratic Congressional representatives came together in a show of bi-partisan unity on Thursday by proposing the Start Two Wars Get One Free Act (STWGOFA), also known as the McCain-Lieberman Bill. The proposal, which is expected to sail through Congress and be on President Bush's desk for signing by late next week, would pay for the next war with indiscretionary budget gerrymandering and cutting of essential services, essentially making the third front in the Global War on Terror "on the house," according to Congressional lawmakers.

"Today I am proud to stand here and say: Mr. President, the next one's on us!" announced Representative Amanda Tori Sentenz (R-FL) during a speech on the House floor Thursday afternoon. "We know that our Commander-in-Chief has a difficult task in fighting the terrorists to make America safe, so today we've decided to put our political differences aside and dedicate funds to the next war before it even begins."

Senators Phil Abusder (D-MI) and Harry Wetback (R-KY) have also endorsed the proposal in the Senate. Abusder told the La Rochelle Times the new measure "would give the President credit for the two wars he's started already, sort of like an Executive Branch frequent buyer's program. It will allow money to be set aside to fund much needed defense programs and weapons contracts for the upcoming war of the President's choosing."

While it has been widely known since July, 2006, that America has been ready to intervene, the budget for the intervention had not yet been entirely worked out. With the passage of the Start Two Wars Get One Free Act, fiscal policy, as well as intelligence, can be prepared in advance of any invasion the Leader wishes, so as to ensure maximum funding of the military on the newest battlefields, as well as the two other fronts in Eurasia.


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