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Friday, April 20, 2007

House Democrats introduce non-binding impeachment resolution

Lawmakers vow to slap White House on wrist

Luc Attmi
La Lune de la presse internationale


Democratic lawmakers introduced non-binding articles of impeachment in the House Wednesday as an attempt to voice, albeit in a subtle way, their opposition to the President and Vice President's policies. The articles, if passed by the House and Senate, would require no action on the part of anyone at all. Instead, they would simply be a statement that the President "could possibly be impeached for real, at some point either now or in the distant future, with no takebacks," said Democratic party leader Neil Downe. Indeed, Democrats have vowed since February of 2006 not to give up hopelessness, and the non-binding impeachment resolution seems to be a part of that political context.

"We felt this was the best way to tackle the problem," explained Senator Phil Abusder (D-MI). "Obviously with a President like this, in a time of war, you want to make sure that you send the right message. We don't really want to impeach him, since the system is set up so that all of our paychecks more or less directly depend on donations from defense contractors, but since a majority of Americans would like to see impeachment happen, we felt this was a way to find a middle ground."

The House is expected to narrowly pass the non-binding impeachment measure, which would then move to the Senate. If approved, it would be immediately entered into the Congressional record and remain available for posterity in the coming years. Senate Republicans have insisted they will insert language that will allow the President to veto the measure, despite the fact that it does absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Some House Republicans were quick to condemn the resolution, calling it "simply another example of politics in Washington," said GOP spokesman Hal Atosis. "We've seen this before, when a party wants to hinder the Commander-in-Chief in a time of war, not to mention a war that he spent so much time creating. They have absolutely no respect for those in power who have crafted foreign intelligence and international justice around a policy of pre-emptive empirical domination. Such a measure only shows their weakness, and when al-Qaeda has finally invaded and occupied the United States, I hope the voters remember that."

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