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Sunday, May 25, 2008

General Motors introduces revolutionary car prototype

New automobile will 'change driving as we know it'

Hadde Nuff
La Lune de la presse internationale


General Motors stunned the world Monday when it unveiled its latest automobile prototype, the X2010, also nicknamed the "Air Hybrid." The vehicle, which is constructed of 100% air, contains no materials whatsoever and requires no energy input.

"Indeed, the vehicle is practically non-existant," explained GM spokesman Rusty Pannells. "You don't even notice you're not driving it. It's comfortable, quiet, and incredibly fuel efficient. We created this concept vehicle to reflect the changing times for the auto industry and symbolize what we feel the future holds for automobile transportation."

Consumers will be able to reserve the vehicle ahead of the 2009 production schedule through a special GM financing program. With as little as ten percent of the suggested entry level price of $30,000, consumers will be able to obtain the first vehicles to come off the production line next year.

"We had some odd questions during the unveiling," Pannells continued. "Some were the usual things, like 'What options does it come with?' or 'What colors are available?' But then there were some more unusual queries, like 'Where in the hell is it?' and 'How are we supposed to see it?' and so on."

In a statement released Monday, GM Vice President Ron Ganserr said: "This prototype is expected to be a big success in the American market, replacing most of the current fleet of SUVs on the road today. It should also be well adapted to the dwindling oil resources that are currently affecting oil prices."


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