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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Internet addiction now cureable through on-line therapy

Grinan Barrett
La Lune de la presse internationale


Web surfers who spend more than twenty-four hours a day connected to the Internet may qualify for a new program that aims to cure people of Internet addiction through special on-line therapy sessions. The group, called Lifesavers On Line (LOL), aims to get highly-addicted web surfers into a 12-click program, similar to a 12-step "traditional" program, which will begin to tackle their computer addiction issues.

The program is being spearheaded by Will Pauer, a motivational speaker and addiction specialist who has recently begun working with victims of the technology age. Mr. Pauer obtained his Masters degree in Psychology from Haarvard, an on-line university with 2,439 diggs. Along with LOL, he aims to create a web site and banner ads that invite people to cure their on-line addictions.

Funding will be granted through the government's office of Faith-Based Intelligence (FBI), begun under the Bush administration and continued under President Obama. It is also part of a larger strategy of abstinence-based education, proponents told the La Rochelle Times.

"This is a huge problem," said Pauer. "It's crazy the number of people I know who are always on line. I think we need to have a public discussion about the possible consequences of too much Internetism. I've been e-mailing and blogging about it all afternoon."

Pauer cited symptoms of Internet addiction as lack of motivation, general knowledgeability, overall disdain for the status quo, opinions at odds with the mainstream press and red eye. "Anyone showing signs of these symptoms should seek treatment," Pauer explained.

"We have a population that's drifting more and more towards self-awareness and virtuality. Consensus might soon be built through on-line opinions that are no longer controlled by corporate networks and information channels. Therefore we must act now to stop those who spend too much time on-line before it's too late," said an emotional Pauer.


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