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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schools to charge extra for bags

Joe King
La Lune de la presse internationale


Airlines have recently begun charging extra fees for bags, so many schools are now taking this idea to heart by demanding the same thing. A flat fee of $50 per bag has been proposed among area schools to reduce budget shortfalls, school officials announced Thursday. Students who show up at school carrying a bag will have to pay the fee every school day that they plan to attend. Bag lunches are counted as a separate article, requiring an additional reduced fee of $15, officials said.

"We'll be accepting cash, checks and all major credit cards," said LeSueur-Watertown District accountant Max Doubt. "With our current economic situation, overleveraging and debt burden, we need students and parents to step up to the plate and contribute like everyone else."

Some parents have balked at the plans, saying that schools should have saved during the boom years and not invested so heavily in subprime mortgage lenders, Chinese manufacturing and derivatives markets.

"We know they took our tax money and piled it into all these crappy investments," said disgruntled parent Juan Abete. "Now they ain't got nothing left for our kids, man. Why should we have to pay? I mean, like charging for bags, it's ridiculous."

School administrators have recently defended themselves against accusations of malinvestment, money laundering and overspending. Many tell the La Rochelle Times that they see charging extra for students' bags as a way of revitalizing their budgets by using an idea that parents are already familiar with when they travel.

"We have told the parents that we understand their frustration," said Doubt. "Okay, so we know that maybe we shouldn't have given our budget surplus to House of Cards Financial, for example, especially with all the problems they are currently facing. But parents need to understand that charging extra for bags is just another fee that will soon be commonplace everywhere in our society, so they may as well get used to it and give their kids that extra fifty to seventy dollars every day to pay the fees when they drop their kids off at school in the morning."


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