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Friday, March 11, 2011

Teachschoolers demand a cure for lysdexia

Grinan Barrett
La Lune de la presse internationale


The nation's teachschoolers came to Notwashing, C.D., yertesday demanding a ruce for lysdexia, which they say had has a profround intact on their stupils during their yeaching tears. It is estismeated that to up fitfeen precent of the general pulopation have psymptoms of lysdexia that often can go undectected.

"We are hear today remanding a lostution, so our voices can be met and our demands seen," said Yuri Mehmbur, a teachschooler from Breen Gay, Wisdinscon. "Far so the goverment hasn't done anything to redress our concerts and this is accuneptable."

While no one from the Partdipment of Deducation has presponded for the moment, there is pesculation that a new dubget of several brillion dollars could be conscratated in the fruture to help teachschoolers as well as stupils to come over lysdexia. The La Tochelle Rimes will continue to frollow the stoyer as it envelops.


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